How do I know that you will be a good fit working with my child?

It is important to find a therapist that has expertise working with the challenges that your child is experiencing. It is also important that you and your child feel comfortable with the therapist with whom you choose to work. I offer a 20-30 minute free initial phone consultation to assess and better understand your child's challenges, answer questions that you may have, and together determine if I am the right therapist to work with you and your child.

Initial Evaluation

During the first session, I will review my office policy and procedures with you and ask you to complete my Contact Information Sheet. I will want to hear about the challenges that your child is experiencing, the types of support you are seeking, and your long term goals for your child.

Typically, I conduct a thorough clinical evaluation to help me understand your child's difficulties and to allow me to develop a treatment plan to address the issues about which you are concerned. During the first 3-4 sessions, I will ask about the difficulties that prompted you to call, and I will gather information about your child's developmental functioning. I will also ask you to complete questionnaires. If your child's difficulties also occur at school, I may suggest your child's teacher complete questionnaires, that I observe your child at school, and that I talk with your child's teacher about challenges in the school setting.

Following the evaluation, I will have a feedback session with you to share the results and discuss the treatment plan for your child. In a follow-up session with you and your child, I will share the feedback with your child in a developmentally appropriate manner.

To ensure that parents feel confident supporting their child outside of therapy sessions, I often have parents of younger children (2-12 years old) participate in sessions while their child learns and practices new skills.

How often do we meet and for how long?

I typically schedule 50-minute weekly sessions, though longer sessions can be arranged if necessary.  I also offer shorter phone sessions to parents needing additional support in between regular office sessions.

Fees and Insurance

I am an out-of-network provider. I accept check, cash, or credit card payment at the start of session. At the beginning of each month, I will provide you with a summary of charges from the previous month that you may submit to your insurance carrier to obtain reimbursement.

What are your fees?

My fees are commensurate with other Ph.D.-level practitioners in the area. Please contact me for a quote.